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What is Rayka?
We are the world's first student review platform- where students can share and discover favorite places as they travel. We believe that current review platforms are outdated and that travel needs to become more social: our goal is to become an "Untappd for Travel" and help students more easily find the best places to go. 

We're looking for fellow students passionate about travel and exploration who are excited about being on the ground floor of a growing startup!

Why join?
You will have the opportunity to be part of a fast growing startup in the travel and social space, have a great role to put on your resume, receive a letter of recommendation from our founder, and have the potential for rapid advancement within the company.

About the Program:
-If selected, you'll work with our Marketing Team to create a buzz on your own campus through a variety of promotional activities.
-You'll have a flexible work schedule and be part of weekly team meetings
-As part of the team, you'll be a part of major company decisions and help shape both campus outreach strategy and overall company trajectory.

What We're Looking For:
-A passion for travel, exploration, and finding great places to go. Maybe you're a foodie, hopefully you've studied abroad- but travel is a passion
-You are outgoing, personable, and not afraid to connect with people
-You're self-motivated and enjoy wearing many different hats and having a role where you can work autonomously.

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